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Free Diving with Dolphins

I have always been entranced with dolphins- their beauty, grace, fun loving nature and most importantly, their seemingly perfect rhythm and harmony as they glide along in the water.

After years of feeling tugged by their calling I finally sought out and found the most incredible adventure of a lifetime- free diving and snorkeling with these amazing creatures..

Dolphins - Mom with BabyOn my trip, I discovered the spirituality of the dolphins as they gazed into my eyes, swimming only inches away from me... sharing in the synchronicity of our movements... frolicking and having fun... spiraling, spinning and cruising along to the same rhythm. The trip was an exercise in letting go, relaxing and totally enjoying a masterplan that if I had orchestrated it myself, could not have been any more awesome. I invite you to experience:

Our Swimming with Wild Dolphins trip begins with an early departure from Ft. Lauderdale aboard a 90' diesel powered catamaran. After clearing Bahamian customs, we anchor off the island of Bimini, home to a fun-loving pod of Atlantic spotted dolphins.

We will be at sea for 7 days/ 6 nights and whenever a pod of dolphins happens by, if they are receptive, we will hop in and swim with them. Encounter can be with 2 to 24 dolphins and last anywhere from 15 to 45 minutes each.

The remaining time is spent snorkeling a ship wreck, exploring deserted islands, taking underwater shots of the reefs and tropical fish, reading and basking in the 80 - 85 degree weather or just swimming with your new friends in the beautiful, crystal clear 30¹ deep aquamarine waters. Encounters are digitally videotaped by a crew member that can hold his breath for practically as long as the dolphins and we will watch clips of the day’s activities at night. You can also just lay back and gaze at the incredible array of stars.

At a cost of $1595 US, this dolphin adventure includes:

  • Live-Aboard Vessel Vacation (7 days/6 nights)
  • Delicious Meals and Yummy Snacks (Excellent chef; vegetarian available)
  • International Reputation for Safety, Comfort, Courteous Service and Respect for the Marine Life
  • Fourteen air-conditioned double occupancy cabins with bunk style beds and sink (Several double bed compartments available for couples)
  • Snorkeling, island explorations, camaraderie with fun people from all over the world
  • One nights docking on the island of Bimini, once home to Hemingway
  • Shuttle Bus Transfer Fees (to and from airport)


  • Alcoholic Beverages, Sodas (available at $1 - $2 each)
  • Airfare
  • Crew Tip
  • Videotape of Encounters
  • Lodging in Ft Lauderdale
  • Government/Custom Fees (excluding extravagant purchases!)

Because these dolphins are wild and free to come and go as they chose there is not a guarantee of an encounter, and yet this rarely is the case.

Seize the moment and experience this once in a lifetime experience with some of the most amazing creatures on the face of the planet... let the frolicking fun of these magical creatures fill your heart. Feel the most absolutely incredible connection as you gaze into the eyes of these peaceful, loving creatures.

I invite you to experience
this wonderful adventure.

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